We’ve Moved

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Hey everybody! Thanks for all your continued support. I know you have plenty of Internet blogs to read, and I certainly appreciate it when you stop by mine. 2muchTV is now Primetime Princess. You can find a newly designed site over at http://www.primetimeprincess.com. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and tell your friends!


Resolved: Give to Charity

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Girls, Inc. logoOne of the very few things I’ve learned in life is that giving back helps me put whatever problems I have into perspective. Writing a check however is only a smidgen of the potential I have to make a difference – if you’ve seen my checkbook, you know what I mean when I say a smidgen. So for 2011, I’ve chosen a charity to support. By choosing one charity to direct my funds toward, I get to do more than a measly five dollars here and five dollars there. My goal is not just to donate when I can, but to become an advocate for an organization, using the means that I have to tell people about a cause that I believe in.

With that said, I am tickled to “announce” that my 2011 charity is Girls, Inc. In pop culture, us ladies don’t always get fair representation. We can be sidekicks, wives, sex objects and nags. When we do get the lead role, we are sometimes portrayed as marriage and baby crazy, manipulative, or vindictive. Women in the media are often expected to live up to an ideal that is young, skinny and usually white.

So it is important to me to choose a charity that keeps those pop culture images in perspective. Girls Inc. teaches girls that they can be smart, and pretty. We can be athletic, complicated, technically savvy — anything we want. And we don’t have to apologize for it.

It was important to me to choose an organization that specifically addresses building girls’ body images because that has always been an issue that I’ve dealt with, which is probably one of the reasons I’m into weight-loss shows like I am.

Resolved: Time Management

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So, this is the time that we commit to make changes in our lives – create the lives that we deserve. More time to… is on everybody’s list – whether it is more time with kids, more time for ourselves or more time for our hobbies. No matter how you want to spend your extra time, a Tivo will help you do that. A Tivo functions the same as a DVR. I’ve had both, and I like my Tivo better, so I’ll be using Tivo in the same context that your grandmother says Frigidaire instead of refrigerator, or you teacher says Kleenex when any tissue will do.

No Commercials

A half-hour show is actually 22 minutes of content. That gives you 8 minutes of stuff you can fast forward through. For your favorite 60 minute show, that goes up to 15 minutes. When you fast forward through those commercials, that is 15 more minutes you can spend with your kid, fifteen minutes more sleep or fifteen minutes you need to organize yourself for the next day. If your TV time lasts from 8P.M. until 11 P.M., you’ve saved yourself 45 minutes. That’s a whole other show! Or you can go to the gym, whatever…

On Your Own Schedule

If you’ve ever tried to race home to catch your favorite show, or leave early to see Grey’s Anatomy, you can fret not with Tivo. Believe me, it is much easier to burn the midnight oil, when you know that the first moment you have to relax will be spent watching your favorite program with no commercials

Resolved: Lose Weight

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This time of year, I have to fight for parking and machines at my gym with all of the folks high on their New Year’s resolutions to get fit. By March, it is back to the same old, same old. There are a few steps that you can take so that you don’t become one of the slackers. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

1) Specific. For the contestants of the Biggest Loser, their specific goal is to win the show. If you aren’t on the show, set a goal that is straightforward and will help you focus.

2) Measurable. With a scale, it is hard to not be measurable, but that doesn’t mean you can only use numbers on the scale. My goal is to eat out less. In following the SMART principles, I redefine my goal to eat out no more than twice per week. Now it is measurable.

3) Attainable. Some of the contestants fail because they set the goal to win the show. Realistically speaking, only one person will win. They don’t know how to stay motivated once that goal is out of reach. Choose a goal that you can control – like the amount of water you drink, or the amount of fruits and veggies you consume.

4) Realistic. The contestants of the Biggest Loser workout up to eight hours per day. Are you? If you don’t like to run, don’t set a goal to run five miles a day. And don’t commit to looking like Jessica Biel if you don’t have her body type and motivation.

5) Set time goals. The contestants have until the end of the show, about 15 weeks. But for me, I don’t care how long it takes for me to get to my goal weight; I just want to remain consistent. So my goal is one to two pounds per week.

Wondering What to Watch?

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Finally! We get some new episodes this week. Tonight is the season premiere of the Bachelor. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen the show, but I’m going to give it a shot tonight. For a handy-dandy guide to what’s new on TV this month, check out this calendar from The TV Addict.

Happy New Year!

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I’m wishing everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous 2011! TV is a little slow with the holiday and all, but it will be ramping up soon. Oprah’s new network – The Oprah Winfrey Network – launches today and I am SUPER excited. I am excited for two reasons. First of all, there are very few women, not to mention African-American women who have a voice in the media. Especially when that voice isn’t contigent on the length of her dresses. With her power and her own network, Oprah compensates for at least 25 15 sistas that would rather shake their booty for the camera than have an idea – any idea. The other reason that I am so excited is that, although OWN is not a “Black” network, like TVOne or BET, she offers an alternative portrayal of African-American ideas that may not come through on one of the other networks. When you have stations like BET and TVOne, the assumption is that they are for Black people. That if you aren’t Black you can’t relate, and if you are Black then you must relate. Oprah has, with her show, and now with her own network challenges the idea that if you are Black then you must be a certain way, and like particular things. In real life, we know that, but in the media we don’t always see that.

Obviously, Oprah’s not the only one making some changes in 2011. This year I will bring you more than just news or summaries, but post that comment on the intersection between television and real life. While having some fun. Happy New Year!

I Hope That Attitude Keeps You Warm at Night

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I have a confession to make. I would love to hang out with Kanye West. Although he can be a total d-bag, I think he would be a cool dude when he’s not trippin. But even then I wouldn’t want to date him. I wouldn’t want to trust my emotional well-being to someone who is prone to rants and egomania.

That is one of the reasons I don’t get Cuddy and House. I love House, but I wouldn’t want to date him. In the season premiere (which reruns tonight), Cuddy calls House interesting. Absolutely, but not dateable. Especially when you have a toddler. Unfortunately, it isn’t just fiction.

On the 17th installment of The Amazing Race, contestant Vikki keeps a cool head with her boyfriend Nick. He berates her over her asthma and never misses an opportunity to be mean. Last night, he took it to a new level lying down while she continued the challenge – after scarfing down enough food to literally throw up (yes, that is how you use literally correctly – she really threw up). I can’t understand how one would choose to spend their spare time with someone with such negative energy. I keep waiting for the interview shot when she says, “After this show, we’re done.” But she doesn’t.

She calls it a temper. I call it a dealbreaker.