Who will BE America’s Next Top Model

I really can’t forecast who will win until after they get their makeovers. I’m always interested in what they choose to show from the auditions. Like the girl who made a “point” to say that she lost all her white friends when she wanted to go swimming. Why you wasting my time Tyra Banks? The thing that trips me out on the first episodes is how they all scream when Tyra’s in the room like they just won a new car on the Price is Right. Wait — did Joslyn (30 auditions, really?) have on a banana clip in judging? One of the things that bothered me about Isis, you know which one I’m talking about is that she is described as Prince George’s County, Maryland. I used to live in P.G. County, and they have cities. Why didn’t she specify? And don’t they have fact checkers, who let her get away with that? I think that, like Nigel said, it’s easy to caricature someone who is transgendered, especially on a show where the contestants don’t know what bureaucracy is. OK, I added the last part…America’s Next Top Model really isn’t the place to make a social or political statement. My favorite is Marjorie. I’m a sucker for quirky. As an aside – did anyone else notice Brianna in the Macy’s ad? The first one to go was Sharaun.

Sharaun is gone

Sharaun is gone


~ by 2muchtv on September 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who will BE America’s Next Top Model”

  1. Funny – I thought the SAME thing about the PG County thing. I mean is it Hyattsville? Largo? Bowie? The list goes on. Let’s get it together people! So far Isis is actually my favorite b/c she knows her stuff and she can pose. Yes, you can kinda tell she was born male and I doubt she will actually win, but so far she’s the only one I actually like. Second to her in my book would be the black/native american chick – i haven’t memorized names yet. Makeovers should be interesting.

    Sidebar – I really wish they could do this show without Tyra actually being on it….

  2. First, LMAO@ Tamara not wanting Tyra to be on it.

    Second, I don’t live in Maryland, but when I saw Prince George County, I was thinking, that doesn’t sound right. Isn’t a county a county. I guess I was right.

    Third, I’m so sick of ignorant people! I can’t! I just can’t take it anymore. Not only are you being dumb and narrow minded, you are doing it ON TELEVISION!

    Fourth, I’d have to agree with the two of you. I like the quirky girl (even though she reminds me of the original Parent Trap girls), and I like Sheena, the asian girl. (Did anyone notice that the girl called her Oriental on the bus)? I also think that Isis can pose, and that she will do well. And I like the black/native american girl too.

    Clark, I think her name is, aside from the fact that I don’t think I like her personality, is pretty. But not for this competition.

    LMAO when the girl said that Gossip Girl was her favorite show.

    Analeigh is pretty. I like Elina too. Those are the only people that really stood out to me. Makeovers should change that though.

    Also, Tyra is casting now for cycle 12? I wish she would slow down with the cycles. That kinda bothers me.

    For another clip of next weeks episode visit: http://cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model11

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