Guess Upcoming Episodes

Tyra Banks at Fashion Rocks

Tyra Banks at Fashion Rocks

I agree with Tamara, she looks fierce when she’s not talking. Onto this evening’s episode…

Transgendered episode – Check
Race episode – Check

If a cycle has 13 episodes, we can almost predict the rest of the season:
•There is the makeover episode
•They gotta learn how to walk
•The episode where Tyra gets them to ‘open’ up.
•At some point, the girl from Lucky, LA is going to miss her baby – isn’t she the one with the baby?
• We’ll probably see another episode regarding Elina’s sexuality. (Her picture this week was flawless BTW). If this episode was about unobvious poses and unobvious places, can you give me an unobvious episode?

Sweet, innocent Hannah had every right to feel ambushed and misunderstood. And Joslin is really too old to let that situation turn into some juvenile, she-said BS.

Lauren Brie took the best picture this week and poor Nikeysha got sent home right before the makeover episode.

Nikeysha gets sent home

Nikeysha gets sent home


~ by 2muchtv on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Guess Upcoming Episodes”

  1. I missed Gossip Girl AND ANTM this week, so I will have to catch the replays on Sunday since the CW can’t be like MTV and just show the dang episodes online right away.

    You are so right about ANTM always having the same episodes – you have to include the tyra as photographer episode and the talk to tyra’s mama episode (although that may be rolled up into the the “open up to tyra” episode. The show, while still fun to watch, has become totally formulaic (ex. the “random” questions that tyra asks in the premiere ep – “so what happened to you when you were younger?”, “so what is your ethnicity/sexuality?” etc.) I wish she would just shut up.

    Also, I really do like Nigel and Ms. J, but they really do need some new judges. I am so glad Twiggy finally left, but if this show is going to continue, they really need to shake it up. Nigel can do a couple photo shoots, Ms. J can do his usual consulting on a couple of episodes, and Tyra can just go away altogether.

  2. P.S. – Tyra looks like a total drag queen in those pics you put up. If someone told me that she and Wendy Williams were men, I would not be shocked. Gotta respect their hustles though.

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