First there was sexual chocolate, now there is sexual drano

Tonight was a night of common sense on Gossip Girl.

Dan and Serena Why would you get into an elevator after the lights just flickered? Who didn’t see that one coming?
Jenny When is it ever OK for someone to treat you like shit? However in the real world, they don’t give you a job, they just keep shitting on you.
Blair Why would you encourage people to take a candle and grab a drink. Liquor and fire do not mix! Where is Smokey the Bear when you need him?
Nate Whoring yourself out to protect your fugitive dad? I don’t even need to say more

The only dash of common sense tonight came when Blair told Serena that her and Dan’s relationship wasn’t going to work until they resolved their issues. I’m not the only one who got a little excited when I saw Chuck Bass in his Fred Sanford smoking jacket!

Check out this link that I found:

Tonight is the season premiere of House, for which I am waiting with baited breath! By the way, if I haven’t said it already, thanks for your response, and tell your friends we’re talking about their favorite shows.


~ by 2muchtv on September 16, 2008.

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