Bonus Post

You guys get a bonus. I had to rewind my Tivo because I thought my eyes were decieving me. But it is true – Solange appears in a Feria commercial with big sis Beyonce. I’m trying to track down the commercial. Note to Solange: Nobody is going to take you seriously riding on big sis’ coattails. I’m a big sister myself, but Solange has to be her own entity to succeed – just ask Ashley Simpson. And why didn’t we see Kelly or Michelle in a Feria commercial?


~ by 2muchtv on September 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bonus Post”

  1. I SAW IT TOO!! Here is my problem… Don’t talk about you aren’t “Beyonce’s Sister” and you don’t want to be compared to her, that you are Solange, and then go jump into what she is doing! If she wasn’t in there with Beyonce, then fine. But she was there, walking two steps behind her, and they didn’t give her any lines. They just played her song. WTF.

  2. LOL! I agree with both of you. When I first saw that commercial, my thought was “You have got to be kidding me!” She is definitely talking out of both sides of her neck. She probably really does want to be seen as an artist in her own right, but it’s just not realistic right now. We all know that had it not been for Beyonce’, she would have not been in that Feria ad. She was the only chick that didn’t speak! They played her song though so the Knowles know something about getting something out of the deal. Beyonce’ really messed things up for Solange b/c the market is oversaturated w/her so there will ALWAYS be comparisons to her if she tries to do anything that Beyonce’ has done previously. Her best bet is to try to do something completely behind the scenes and become known for that. Oh well.

  3. I just saw the ad and Google “solange feria” and ended up here. You’re absolutely right, she’s not going to be taken seriously unless she does her own thing. Riding on Beyonce’s coattails will make it harder for her because folks will resent her for it.

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