You might have been wondering where this was…

Now that we’ve had the makeover show, we can get a real sense of how they are going to look as real models. I think Samantha’s and McKey’s makeovers gave them the most dramatic improvement. I LOVE my hair, and if Tyra told me that I had to cut it…I would cut her. BUT, if I wanted to be a fashion model, I understand that my hair would have to change.

I think Elina was so distraught because she put in a lot of effort to look like Angelina Jolie. Someone told her three years ago that she kinda reminded them of Angie and she ran with it. From the tatoos to the way she carries herself, she kept talking about an “image”. Otherwise why would she spaz out over some sewn in tracks? That’s the easiest to reverse.

I was pleasantly surprised at Sheena’s photo. She’s had so much trouble in the past looking provocative but she rocked that photo. Some of the girls took great photos, but look so pedestrian at panel. My favorite photo of the night was Marjorie’s because it looked so unposed, but so striking. That’s my pick for tonight’s best photo.

Tonight’s loser was Brittany. If she spent more time focusing on her posing and less time passing judgement on other contestants, she might still be there. Tonight, she had alot to say about Elina’s feelings with her mother. And Brittany was right in the middle of the Hannah-racist foolishness. And really if I had to hear her complain about being pretty, I was gonna hurl.


~ by 2muchtv on September 23, 2008.

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