Why do we (ok, I) love and hate House?

Like the new layout? Why do we love House? I mean, he’s an asshole. I think what I like is his uncanny ability to always be an asshole. What I really like is the way people respond. At some time in our lives, we’ve all met assholes. Most of us, still think to our selves, I shoulda said, I shoulda did, I shoulda punched him in the neck. To see people challenge House is the fun part for me, because in real life, I don’t much care for confrontation.

And every now and then, we get to see the vulnerable side of House. It’s enough to make the ugliness believable, and to justify liking him. The scene between him and Wilson was like a bad break up. Raise your hand if you’ve been there before.

I like the new P.I. He’s going to temporarily take Wilson’s place as the person who lets us know what House is thinking. See how they play on each other here:

Don’t worry if you missed this week’s episode, you can go to Fox On Demand and check out what you missed.

Tuesday night is hectic for me! I’m tivoing the Biggest Loser: Families, Making the Band 4, The Cleaner, and the Rachel Zoe Project. I wanted to try out the Mentalist because, well it’s Simon Baker, and you can tell from this Blog that I don’t get out much. Normally, I catch How To Look Good Naked, but I have to squeeze in some work tonight, so I’ll be Tivoing it as well.


~ by 2muchtv on September 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why do we (ok, I) love and hate House?”

  1. Oh yeah, can someone explain to me why Wilson blames House for Amber dying??

  2. The night she died, House was too drunk to drive, so he called Wilson to come get him. Wilson was unavailable, so Amber went, because she knew that was something that Wilson would do, even if she didn’t like House. So, if it weren’t for House, Amber wouldn’t have been on the bus that night.

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