America’s Next Top Model

If I was posing in the pool with Nigel Barker as the photographer, my boob might “accidentally” fall out of my bathing suit. Gotta give the man something to think about!

The accent bumps him up to a 6.5 on the swoon-o-meter

I don’t understand though why Isis was so nervous about her lower half when it was under water. She coulda worn board shorts if she was that concerned. Did anyone notice that she’s only 5’7 and started out as a dude? Hey Tamara, maybe it’s something in the PG county water?

Isis goes home

Hannah’s walk was a hot mess, and she needed to go home. Cut the fat, Tyra Banks, cut the fat! Don’t worry Hannah, at least you got a hot new haircut.

Hannah's walk was a flop
In the end it was Isis (born Darrell Walls) that went home, after Tyra said that both Isis’ photos and her personality were taking a turn for the worst. I get so annoyed when they send girls home because of their “personality”. If supermodels were hired based on their personality, then alot of these chicks would be flipping burgers at Burger King. Any why do they have to keep up the same personality that they had from day one? Everybody’s mood changes. And it’s only natural that the stress of the competition is going to wear on folks. Gimme a break!


~ by 2muchtv on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “America’s Next Top Model”

  1. Ok, I should not have read this until after I watched the show. Isis got cut??? I wanted to see her get at least to the final six. I agree w/ you about that “personality” BS. I hate when they do that. I actually had a former supervisor call me into her office b/c she said people didn’t think I was happy or smiley enough…so what! Am I doing my job?? Don’t worry about my personality. Trust and believe work is not where I am happiest. Anyway, bye bye, Isis. How many seasons of ANTM are there going to be anyway? It’s getting old…

    I don’t know if this is right but I’m just going to put all my show comments into this one comment. Gossip Girl… I have a feeling it’s going to get on my nerves this season. I do not feel like watching Serena become Queen Bee. I don’t even know what she is so mad at Dan about. I was totally peeved at the curly haired chick (her name escapes me) for going to the old man instead of just waiting for it to get handled.

    House…yes, he IS the asshole that you love to hate then love, then hate again. (Sounds like some guys ‘ve dated.) They used to say that about J.R. Ewing but I was never really all that invested in Dallas. House, however, is my show!

    Project Runway…LMAO @ your comment about Korto’s outfit & LL. That outfit was hokey but LL was sure enough staring at her badunkadunk the whole time so she shouldn’t be too mad. I don’t think Suede should have been cut. You can’t blame him b/c Jerell happens to dress like that all the time. Kenley definitely should have been the one to go. I’m sick of her.

    BTW – love the new layout!

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