They call her *B* and it’s not for Blair

So lemme get this straight, Jenny is skipping school to go to work doesn’t she know that she’s got her whole life to go to work?! I was totally pissed off at Blair this week because I don’t recall anyone in my real life ever being so selfish and petty. Poppy said it all when she told Serena that a true friend would support you when you have a chance to shine. I would have loved to have see real celebutants on the show. Solange’s publicist should have been on that. After the whole exchange with the Fox News reporter, you know she would have fit right in. I was feeling a little optimistic when I thought that Chuck and Dan would be friends, only to be deflated when he read Dan’s paper. Gossip Girl will be back in two weeks. I can actually go out next Monday night…


~ by 2muchtv on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “They call her *B* and it’s not for Blair”

  1. I am disappointed that they nipped the whole chuck/dan thing in the bud so soon. i knew chuck would find out that dan was writing about him and get upset but i wanted the potential “friendship” to last a couple more episodes. Blair’s mother really needs to wonder why blair is SUCH a B! I mean really, if my daughter took every opportunity to be petty and vindictive no only to her so-called friends but also towards me – AND messing up my business, we would have a real problem. She needs an a$$-whooping for real, I don’t care how old she is.

    I am starting to get sick of all the underage drinking and bar-hopping on GG. I understand that these kids can buy and have whatever at home but why are they being served in bars? No one fears loss of liquor license on the upper east side, i guess.

    jenny is wildin out but eleanor needs to give her credit for that dress. it was the hottest one in the show.

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