Women DO get along

I get so tired of the myth that women don’t trust each other or get along. I watched two television this week that empasized that point and it upsets me. On The Game, when Derwin told Melanie that Janay was pregnant, the first thing Melanie said was, “That bitch is lying”. I chalked it up to her not wanting it to be true. Then later in the week on Making the Band, there’s sudden drama that the ladies don’t get along and don’t trust each other. First of all, they aren’t facing any issues that people don’t face in any other workplace male or female. Rumors, innuendo and people that don’t know what they’re talking about. What they are calling cliques are the simple situation of people gravitating toward certain other people. Everybody doesn’t have to like everyone else all the time, but somehow, it has become a female trait. Men have fueds – New Edition, why do you think they broke up? Dame Dash and Jay-Z argue. LL Cool J came out publicly that he didn’t think that he was getting the attention he deserved at Def Jam when Jay was CEO. David Lee Roth and Sammie Hagar (from Van Halen) don’t like each other. The two guys from The Who play and go home. Why do the members of Danity Kane have to get along? And why is it a girl thing? Women by nature, are natural communicators. And everybody knows that communication is the cornerstone of any sort of relationship. I don’t know where the idea that women are overly petty or distrustful of each other came from (probably from men), but it’s not true. And until women start to believe that, the stereotype will perpetuate itself.


~ by 2muchtv on October 11, 2008.

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