Project Runway and the Debates

Wednesday was a tough night because I needed to do my civic duty and watch the debates, but I really wanted to see the finale of Project Runway. If you chose Project Runway, you can watch the entire debate here.

Congratulations if you aren’t worn out by now by the political posturing, and talking points. I did appreciate the moderator calling McCain and Obama to the carpet and challenging them to actually say something. It was a nice try anyway. My favorite question by far was when the moderator asked if the candidates were prepared to say to his opponent’s face the stuff that has been said in some of the ads lately. Exhale. We’ve only got a little less than 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, over on Bravo, Korto, Leanne and Kenley were rocking the runway to win the Project Runway prizes. I’m not going to tell them to you again because Heidi’s made it clear over the past 10 episodes or so.

If you don’t know by now, Leanne took home the prize. Her collection was quite nice and a clear reflection of her reserved – to say the least – personality. I was rooting for Korto, but i can’t say that Leanne’s work was bad. The truth is, I hurt for all of the finalists as they were eliminated. To be an artist and put your soul into your work only to be told it’s not good enough. It stings more than a little bit.


~ by 2muchtv on October 16, 2008.

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