Aww Naww, not the product placement

This week, the teams from the Amazing Race got to New Zealand. New Zealand is an island country near Australia. The capital is Wellington, and the largest city is Auckland, the destination of the 8 teams left in this week’s Amazing Race. The show got off to a petty start as Kelly and Christy confronted Nick and Starr for trying to talk Aja and Ty into u-turning them. So the eff what? This is a race for money, what do they expect?

Kiwi fruit are indigenous to New Zealand, and I have to admit, the juice sounded like a good idea until I saw that I would have to drink the exact same juice I had been stomping on. I might as well go’on and put my foot directly in my mouth!

They must have a cursing ban on this show. Did Starr break her arm and say oh shoot?

Marisa and Brooke were the last team to arrive and it was kind of about time, they made some careless mistakes throughout the race, like walking right past the knot.


~ by 2muchtv on October 19, 2008.

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