Blast From the Past 2-fer on The Cleaner

After spending all day yesterday clearing out my Tivo list, I came across a couple of gems. I been watching The Cleaner on A&E. We’re gearing up for the season finale and stars Benjamin Bratt. the thing I like about A&E’s addiction shows is that it is an interesting look is how addiction affect people’s lives and their families. What interests me the most is how people respond to those in their lives who are addicted and strength (and weakness) of character that comes to the surface when dealing with a family member. That part of situation gets lost in sound bites on the news or sensationalized on TV talk shows. On both The Cleaner, and especially with Intervention you see the stories behind the addiction. How families live with those who are addicted and how people respond when they are confronted with the consequences.

The Cleaner is based on a true story, while Intervention is a reality show. In this week’s season finale, Malcolm Jamal-Warner needs saving! First Denise Huxtable returns to TV, then Theo makes and appearance. I don’t care what else he ever does, I will always think of this episode when I think of Theo Huxtable. And wait, there’s more, his wife is played by Kim Fields – yes, folks that’s right – Tootie.

Check out this blast from the past!


~ by 2muchtv on October 19, 2008.

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