What’s wrong with men’s toes?

Brought to us by the producers of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, on Stylista, several contestants compete to win an editorial position at Elle Magazine. I have yet to understand why people will compete to be belittled. Anyone who’s been degraded at their job knows that it is not cute, and never ever necessary.

I was pleased to see that at least they had the opportunity to layout the contributors page. And that professionals weren’t as mean as it seemed in the previews. The team members seem to be mean enough to each other. I think that Meghan is waaay to self-rightous. How do you take yourself seriously when you’re on a reality TV show? I have to say though, that THESE are some prizes that I can get with! Free clothes and free rent for a year!!!

I’m an InStyle girl myself. Elle is a bit too cluttered for my taste, but I decided to tune in anyway. Because the truth is, I’m a wannabe fashionista. Emphasis on the wannabe. So I couldn’t help but to try out the new show Stylista. Had I recieved a critique on my look, I would have been excoriated in the critique – yes, I had to break out an SAT word because it would have been that bad. If I had to describe my style in 30 words or less, I’d go with: clean – probably, ironed – maybe, trendy – unlikely.

Can someone explain to me how someone can run a major fashion magazine, and still have time to judge a reality show on the CW?


~ by 2muchtv on October 22, 2008.

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