I Find Myself Yelling at the TV

Melanie is being a baby. I know it’s hard when your man is having a baby with another chick, but everytime Derwin takes an interest in his kid, she gets jealous. I’m not saying that it’s not natural, but would you really want a man that doesn’t put his kid first. I expected her to have a period of adjustment, but I’m over her selfishness.


~ by 2muchtv on November 15, 2008.

One Response to “I Find Myself Yelling at the TV”

  1. I don’t think Melanie is out of line. At all. I get taking care of your kid, but don’t make me feel like I’m second fiddle. (I think thats how the saying goes). He needs to be thankful every day that she is there considering what she went through with him and what she is going through and will have to go through because of his stupidity.

    I would probably act the same way.

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