Law & Order be messing with my head…

As sure as dentist appointments and speeding tickets, I will be watching Law & Order. Not just one series all of them – Criminal Intent, Special Victims and the original. Of course, I’ve been watching SVU and find my mouth literally hanging open at some point during the episode.

I was pleasantly surprised after finally catching the season premiere of the original Law & Order airing on Wednesday nights. I like the interaction between Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson. In this episode, Sisto plays the sensitive cop, and Anderson is the no-nonsense one. I also thought that the use of mentally challenged witnesses was taking a page from the Special Victims series.

I’m trying to catch this Tuesday’s SVU on a rerun, because I missed Jesse McCartney’s guest appearance. Speaking of guest appearances, after watching all three episodes, it screws me up when they interchange actors. The mother on the season premiere of Law & Order, was a witness on Law & Order Criminal Intent – if the term sweet pickles means anything to you, you know which episode I’m talking about.


~ by 2muchtv on November 15, 2008.

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