Housewives of Atlanta Finale

After the finale, I am realizing how little I like Kim. First of all, Dallas Austin called her and told her as diplomatically as he could that she couldn’t sing and that she would have to bust her ass to make it work. And she’s not willing to work for it.

I can’t stand how women behave badly and then play the kid card the moment someone does something they don’t like. I realize that being a mother is the hardest job in the world, and its understandable that a mother will be protective — that’s not my problem. My problem is when a mother uses her kids as an excuse to be treated a certain way. Kim kept saying that she didn’t want Nene to confront her because of her kids. If that’s the case moms can carry their kids around with them everywhere to keep bad things from happening to them.

Nene isn’t a bad person for wanting to clear the air. Furthermore, everybody knows how Nene is, does she do anything quietly? Stop using your kids as an excuse to be treated with respect that you haven’t earned.

The best part of the episode was the confrontation, because it was an opportunity for the nonsense to get out in the open. There was too much she said, she said for grown women. Although, I disagree with Lisa, in that everybody ain’t got to get along with everybody all the time. Especially when you have strong personalities like Nene and Sheree.

I love Michael Knight. I thought he was very down-to-earth and genuine when dealing with Sheree. Let’s get him his own show!


~ by 2muchtv on November 21, 2008.

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