Top Model Finale

McKey won Top Model and the best part of the show was when McKey took Tyra into a bear hug. Although I’m not emotionally invested, I think she did deserve it – she came sooo far. Although she’s not the best walker…

I’m always bummed when the two finalists aren’t strong walkers because the best part of the finale is the fashion show. If it weren’t for the fashion show, I wouldn’t know if I was watching ANTM or a Cover Girl/Seventeen magazine commerical. You know this product placement is the wave of the future.

In a recent article Brooke Shields says of her show Lipstick Jungle (which isn’t cancelled by the way):

“I mean, we’re basically No. 1 if you look at DVR. And you look at all that. So the public is watching it.

“The problem that they have is it’s not the same day live,” she continued. “They just need to figure out how to reconcile advertisers’ money because the advertisers don’t want you fast forwarding commercials.”



~ by 2muchtv on November 21, 2008.

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