Waaaay too long

I remember being a kid and begging to stay up late to catch my favorite artists perform on the awards shows. Last night, I realized that I was all grown up, and pretty much over it. First of all, three hours is waay to long for anything. That doesn’t include the red carpet pre-show.


I am not Ne-Yo’s biggest fan, but he is winning me over with his immaculate performances of late. There’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s a band, there’s a set, and there is some ambience.

Christina Aguilera came in a close second. Although I felt her vocals were off (I don’t know if it was the sound effects from a live show), but she more than made up for it with her dizzying performance of many of her hits.

Pink’s performances stood out to me because I like her voice and it was the center of both her performances last night. I would have liked for her to do So What, but I think the performance was the right match of TALENT, glamour and ambience.

Alicia was the final performance. I give her brownie points for showing me something I had never seen before. I like how she was able to integrate the opera into the hit without making me want to change the channel.

I actually enjoyed their performance. In another review, they were slammed for lack of talent. I can’t help but to wonder, is it that they aren’t talented, is it that you can’t take them seriously because they are the group that dances around in lingerie? I love to see them dance, and I think that Nicole Scherzinger has a good voice, but will we ever get to hear it without being distracted by pleather leotards and stripper poles?


Rihanna – with a voice like that, she’s prone to misses, although I’ve seen her make up for her vocals with a standout performance. I wasn’t feeling the Mad Max look that she was going for last night,or the eyepatch. The slow song forced me to watch her walk around the set instead of distracting me with dance moves and interesting costumes.


Kanye West should limit his singing. I have no doubt that he knows that he can’t sing. I like “love lockdown” but I can only take his singing in moderation. The passion in his performance was endearing, and the lyrics were engaging, because I can’t help but to think that it is based on true life. But it was a bit of a disappointment compared to what I’ve seen from him in the past

Somewhere in Between


Mariah Carey was flawless as usual. She wore a beautiful gown, she hit every note. The only reason she makes it in between was because it wasn’t different or exciting. The same for Leona Lewis. Honestly, I thought she was the first person to come out and nail every note, but I can’t remember anything today about her performance.

NKOTB was a near-hit. I was on the fence about the new stuff, which is how they ended up in the “middle category”.

Beyonce was another near-hit, she didn’t make the cut simply because I saw that performance on SNL a week ago.

You can find more commentary here

You’ll probably noticed that I’m missing some folks. In a three hour show, somebody has to get fast forwarded. So if they aren’t in this post – Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers – I just had to pass on these performances.


~ by 2muchtv on November 25, 2008.

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