Down to the Wire

What pisses me off is that even though football dominated the airwaves for the last three days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) it still fucked up my TV schedule on Sunday

I’m fairly indifferent to most of the teams, although I like the relationship between Dallas and Toni. I was sooo sad to see them go. Although it was an accident, leaving the money and the passport puts him in the running for the STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK. If you are going to lose a contest for something like that, the best teammate to have is your mom, because she’s probably the only one who will let it slide off your back. I’m not indifferent when it comes to the team I like the least: that’s Kenny and Tina. She is the most annoying woman. Her husband said, she thinks she is always right and doesn’t listen to reason. He didn’t say it, but she’s also a nag. Maybe she talks to him like that because she really doesn’t like him and hasn’t forgiven him for having an extramarital affair. I was surprised that she helped Dallas, because she appears to be relatively self-absorbed to me.

I won’t use the word idiot, but I am kinda surprised that the Frat boys are still here. I’m sure they are too. It has to suck to be consistently behind. They kind of needed a little luck going their way, so I’m not mad that Dallas lost the money and passport. And you know the Amazing Race people were wrong for making Andrew and Dan dance, after that fiasco with the soldiers.

The season finale begins next week with the three final teams going for the final prize of a million dollars. If I had to pick one…well you know how I feel about Kenny and Tina, Starr and her brother have won so many, I won’t care if they won’t. Surprisingly, I’m rooting for Dan and Andrew.


~ by 2muchtv on November 30, 2008.

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