I Look Back and Think…What the Hell Was I Thinking?

If you had asked me five years what I thought of Britney Spears, I would have been indifferent. I like some of her songs, but I didn’t think about her when her song wasn’t on the radio. But over the past few years, I feel as though I have had to watch her unravel for the world to see. Yes, it is fun to poke fun at celebrities who do stupid stuff, but her situation obviously became bigger than what she should control and turned into a tragedy. It sucks to be going through some shit and it sucks even more to have the entire world watching, making judgements, and some of them wishing for your failure. So I’m excited to see her getting back on her feet. Before 10, I hoped that her show wouldn’t be reminiscent of her 20/20 interview or that trainwreck “reality” crap she did with her ex-husband. Looking at the trailers, I wasn’t sure if this wasn’t going to be more than a 30 minute commercial to put her back in the limelight in a positive, yet contrived way.

I appreciated the fact that she addressed some of her issues head on, like her breakups. She even took it back to Justin. She explained why she shaved her head, which is a logical explanation. I mean, she’s right, people shave their heads every day. I’ve done it, I know other people who have done it. It’s not that serious. She addressed her partying moments, and described her life as so regimented that she felt trapped.

Between her truth telling, we got to see Brit-Brit doing what she does best being a performer. In that respect, it was a bit of a Britneymercial because the end result is to get people excited about her new project. We also got to see Madonna, commenting more eloquently than Britney on her own life. Now that she looks like she’s going to be OK, I can go back to not caring.

Britney will appear on Tuesday’s Good Morning America


~ by 2muchtv on December 1, 2008.

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