Fat Tuesday

In last night’s episode of House, the team treated a health instructor who had gotten gastric bypass surgery. The episode cleverly pointed out how our society blurs the lines between pretty/skinny/healthy/happy. People who sell DVD’s (like the patient), books, and time to advertisers are eager to make it seem like healthy=happy and that is often NOT the case. I’d go so far as to say for many people, fear of being fat has less to do with fear of dying and more to do with fear of being ridiculed and/or rejected. What made the patient compelling was that she looked death directly in the face and chose to be pretty. I’m not saying most people would do that, but I think that most people are fooling themselves into thinking that their obsession with ‘being healthy’ isn’t related to good old fashioned vanity.

Just like the patient I am a bit of a hypocrite myself. Although I hate the media obesession with healthy=happy, at 9, I tuned into my Tivo to catch The Biggest Loser Families. As I sat down with a slice of leftover carrot cake, I wanted to see the last six contestants be whittled down to five. I prefer to watch it in Tivo because 2 hours is waaay to long, especially as the number of contestants gets smaller. This is my favorite part of the season because you can really see the difference. Regardless of my admitted feelings about fat and health, it is cool to see how the contestants succeed because I know how hard it is to lose weight through diet and exercise. In addition, I love a good makeover! Even when it is hosted by my arch [TV] nemesis, Tyra Banks.

Maybe it is because I am a daughter, but I think Michelle and Renee are adorable, and I was sorry to see Renee go. I think that Ed is too big to be pulling such low numbers. But, he’s not going anywhere with Heba and Vicky in his corner. They painted Vicky out to be a villian over the last few weeks, and I suppose I was supposed to be sympathetic as she had her ‘breakthrough’ regarding her trust issues.

I feel bad for them that they were stuck in NYC on a diet. I think that the best thing about that city is that you can get any type of cuisine at any hour in that city, and to be there participating in a diet competition sucks.


~ by 2muchtv on December 3, 2008.

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