Keeping it real in 2009

Because the phrase keeping it real is about as played out as reality TV…

The behemoth that is American Idol returns on January 13th and 14th. They are adding a new judge this year, Kara DioGuardi. Believe it or not, I don’t watch American Idol. Of its eight seasons, I’ve seen maybe three episodes. So if you want to keep up with the latest happenings on American Idol, check out – well any other entertainment blog. Or, more specifically, the American Idol Blog over at TV Guide or

As I’ve already mentioned, True Beauty airs on January fifth, along with The Bachelor.

The CW will air a new reality show on January 7 entitled, 13: The Fear is Real

OK, I have a confession to make: My TV will be parked on VH1

In Confessions of a Teen Idol, Scott Baio is on a mission to resurrect the careers of 7 teen idols stars, all of whom live in the same house. HAHAHAHA, when did Scott Baio become the expert on resurecting careers?! Even if I posted a picture of the guys on the show, you may recognize ONE. The cast includes Chris Atkins (from Dallas and Suddenly Susan), David Chokachi (from Baywatch), Bill Hufsey (you might actually remember him from Married With Children), Jeremy Jackson (also from Baywatch), Adrian Zmed (from Grease and T.J. Hooker), and the only person on the show from the age of the Internet, is Eric Nies from The Original Real World. Don’t you have to have a career first, to resurrect it?

Even though Tila Tequila, Flavor Flav and New York have discovered that you can’t find love on a TV show, Bret Michaels hasn’t gotten the memo. He’s returning for the third season of Rock of Love, this time, they’re on the tour bus. As if the ridiculousness was ever going to stop, there will be ANOTHER season of I Love Money. This season’s contestants include 20 Pack, Angelique/Frenchie, Bonez, Buckwild, The Entertainer and Heat (the latter two returning for a second season).

Eddie Griffin gets his own show on VH1 as well, called Going for Broke. Premiering on January 26, the show is about his life, as he tries to deal with 8 kids, two ex-wives, and four baby mamas. These are the kind of shows that you record, and then on one rainy/snowy/sleepy afternoon settle in for a marathon of foolishness.


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