When will we see new episodes of your favorite shows?

• Gossip Girl comes back on January 5, 2008
• Nip/Tuck – January 6, 2008
I wanted to give the show a chance, simply because of the gratuitious sex :-), and I heard it was good. The problem is, I don’t like cutting. I watch House with one eye covered. But the promo has me intrigued, I might Tivo it on January 6th.

• Biggest Loser Couples: January 6, 2009
• Law & Order: SVU: January 6, 2008
• Scrubs January 6, 2008
Scrubs moves to ABC in what will be its eighth and final season. Courtney Cox guest stars.
•Damages January 7, 2008
The promo for Damages is intriguing as well, maybe I’ll Tivo the premeire of this one. It comes on Wednesdays opposite Top Chef, so it will have to wait for the weekend.
• Thursday night NBC lineup Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy return to Thursdays and Private Practice moves to Thursdays on January 8
• The Eighth Season of 24 begins on January 11 with a two-night season premiere event. Find out more about my pickle.
•Friday Night Lights – January 16th
From what I understand, Friday Night Lights is the best show that nobody’s watching. I’m one of those people not watching it. What’s interesting is DirectTV is airing new episodes of the show now, and the rest of us will have to catch up on January 16th.
You know how I feel about football. But I always like an underdog, so if you like football, this is the time to check out the show.

• Life on Mars comes back on January 28th with the one of the best timeslots ever, right after Lost

Although I’m not surprised, I’m sad to see the Ex List get the axe.


~ by 2muchtv on December 23, 2008.

One Response to “When will we see new episodes of your favorite shows?”

  1. Courtney Cox will probably give Scrubs a big PR boost, and she’s pretty funny as well

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