Bye, Bye Chefs

Last night, the Top Chef judges hit the nail on the head by sending home both Melissa and Eugene. Wait, did I mention I was going to give that away? I have a high tolerance for cockiness — I mean, I like Kanye West –but some of these contestants are walking around like their poop don’t stink. Eugene insists on “standing behind his dish” even when it is an unequivocal failure. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a loser, but not admitting them does. Even in last night judging, he says his mistake was being too creative. Whatever, that’s the kind of answer you give at an interview when people ask what are your weaknesses. Carla came in, she admitted she dropped the ball and that she can do better. You can find his exit interview on the Bravo website.

On the other end of the spectrum was Melissa. The judges finally put her out of her misery. Every week, she seemed to struggle. For the past few episodes, it was evident that she was disappointed with herself, but then she’d tank in the next challenge. She she was much more sympathetic and it was a relief to see her go home. You can find her exit interview here.


~ by 2muchtv on January 8, 2009.

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