Rebound Booty and Networking

There’s so much that I want to say about tonight’s Ugly Betty and I’ll start with the end. I can adjust to the fact that Molly broke up with Connor to be with Daniel, but Connor showing up to Wilhelmenia’s clearly is an attempt at some rebound booty. That’s messed up because there hasn’t been sign that he’s been interested in her.

Moving on to other farfetched story lines…Betty blows off a family function and her father has a heart attack. REALLY! Yes, it can happen but it’s unlikely. I think that what really bugs me is that they shouldn’t have been giving Betty a hard time. If I was having a party to promote my business, like Hilda, how can I be upset with my sister if she needs to get her work hustle on? I just don’t think it was fair. Betty should have checked her phone, but why didn’t Hilda send a text message that says I’m at the hospital call me?

On to lighter things, I do wish that I had paid more attention to networking when I was at the same stage of my career that Betty is in her career. Mark gave Betty some good tips, but I think he missed one of the biggest tips: be sincere. She got the biggest payback from the caterer who was happy to help. There is a great book about networking that I found quite useful called Never Eat Alone.


~ by 2muchtv on January 8, 2009.

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