Once again, Chuck Bass steals my heart

He had me when I saw that his pink socks matched his pink sweater. And I couldn’t help but to get a little flushed as he came in to save Lily (played by Kelly Rutherford) from the evil Jack Bass. It was enough to make me forgive the convenience of “the plot”. Lily has actually been cool enough towards Chuck to almost make it into my coolest moms list.

It is about time Blair gets what she deserves. It is one thing to be a snot to your classmates, it is another to act like that toward a teacher, even if the teacher looks like a student.

I’m trying to figure out how they are going to swing next season: Serena at Brown, Dan at Yale and the rest of the clan back on the Upper East Side. Blair technically isn’t at Yale, so she may end up going to Brown after all with Serena. Dan will start at Yale, but after being apart for Serena for a while, he will realize that he can’t live without her. Or better yet, there will be an “emergency” with the half-brother that they think they don’t have and they will realize that their love is stronger than blood.

Or maybe Blair will hook up with the half-brother. She is the only one not in the family, right? Hmmm, maybe everyone except for Serena will go to Yale, she will almost hook up with her half-brother, and then become so traumatized by the experience (and that is traumatizing) that she will tranfer to Yale after taking a semester off.

Speaking of next season, there is going to be a spinoff of Gossip Girl where we get to see what Lily played by was like in the ’80’s.


~ by 2muchtv on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “Once again, Chuck Bass steals my heart”

  1. I was starting to wonder where they were going to go with the story line myself. I just hope they don’t get to the point where they can’t do anything with the characters. But I do know one thing, I can’t take much more of the “what are dan & serena/ rufus & lilly/ chuck & blair going to do”. I’m tired with all of the relationship back and forth.

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