VH1’s Toolbox

I am this close, this close to getting a VH1 tatoo on my ass, because they sure know how deliver ass holes on TV. And I love it. If you haven’t been watching the Tool Academy, you have been missing out on a brainless treat. The women on the show bring on their boyfriends because their boyfriends treat them like crap. It is a congregation of losers, which may not be anything new, but the interesting part of the show is after a guy is eliminated, his girlfriend decides whether or not she wants to remain in a relationship with him. Of course, once you stay with a guy who cheats on you, bringing him on a TV show isn’t going to change whatever it is in her that makes her stay in the first place. But there will be one girl who calls it quits. The fun is guessing which one it is going to be.

Speaking of tools…VH1 has also decided to give Ray J a dating show. You might wonder who he is, he’s Brandy’s younger brother who insists that he’s hard, even though his sister is supposed to be a “good girl”. He’s the guy who has been using his sex tape with Kim Kardashian to boost his self-image as some sort of player. Ray J is the guy from seventh grade who thinks that he is a player based on the idea of what other guys think that a player should be, while any woman can see through his BS. Well maybe not any woman because they found some contestants to be on this show. Here is something you won’t see me say often – I just can’t watch.


~ by 2muchtv on January 21, 2009.

One Response to “VH1’s Toolbox”

  1. I haven’t been watching, but I may as well program it into my DVR.

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