You Are Not the Biggest Loser

If you are simply looking for a recap of last week’s The Biggest Loser look no further than this link. But I, just like everyone else has their opinion of Joelle. Joelle exhibits a classic case of wanting something without putting in the work. She thinks that she can come on the show, beat her personal best and be successful. That’s not how you win the Biggest Loser. She went from losing two pounds in the second week to six pounds in the third week, which shows that she know she needs to step up her game.

She aggravating because she doesn’t seem to get it. If she was on my time I’d be ready to smack her. But, she’s also sympathetic because a) she’s become the underdog. Everybody keeps yelling at her, even Bob.

b) it shows how hard it is to lose weight. Not just the physical aspect, but that it is more than that. We get in our own ways.

I can’t wait for her breakthrough – I pray that she has one. What makes her think that Bob doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What is it in her that keeps her from giving her all? I suspect it is related to why she’s 41 and lives at home.

Her unwillingness to give 100 per cent is mirrored by the orange team member who is at home eating fried chicken.

Tonight, it appears that the two young boys end up in the bottom and that the teams will have to make a tough choice.


~ by 2muchtv on January 27, 2009.

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