Diddy’s Making the Joke

In these economic times, it is becoming apparent now more than ever that everyone, EVERYONE should have a side hustle. Some of us already knew that nothing is guaranteed – especially when it is job related. Diddy knows this, that is how come he has fashion, fragrance, music, acting. Ironically enough, Aubrey knew it as well, which turned out to be a point of contention within the group. She definitely isn’t the villian in all of this. She’s just looking out for her best interests…

On the season opener of Making The Band, Que says he thinks that members should put Bad Boy first. And if you watched season one with Da Band, that group imploded partially because some members thought other members were focusing on solo success. Meanwhile, poor Donnie, doesn’t have a side hustle and might be dropped from the group. According to the previews for this season, it is only a matter of time before Day 26 busts up. I’m all about loyalty, but I am more concerned with self-preservation.

Unfortunately for anyone who has a dream in music, Bad Boy has turned into exists only as a set location for the reality circus that is Making The Band. It’s not about music anymore, which is OK for viewers, but it is sad for the poor saps who thought that this was their chance at success, and now they will just be former reality show stars.

In the second half of season four, the members are portrayed as having self-destructed due to infighting, but didn’t Diddy kick them out of the group? Wasn’t there an episode where Diddy said “you not in the group no more.”? So why is he trying to make it sound like they walked off the cash register at McDonald’s?

I’ll tell you why (if you didn’t know that was a rhetorical question): It’s called Making the Band but really it is the Diddy show. This season he’s going to show the recording of his own CD. Far too often the show centers around what happens to you if you don’t do what Diddy says, right? Diddy says lose weight, they lose weight. Diddy says get cheesecake, they get cheesecake. Viewers are never to forget that at the end of the day, he controls their destiny because he is bankrolling their dreams. That may be relevant if Diddy had had a hit since the 90’s. Check the 2-part list of Diddy’s work (don’t listen to this at work or around small children):

And there’s more


~ by 2muchtv on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Diddy’s Making the Joke”

  1. Diddy’s last hits came when DK’s first album dropped. That year he not only had DK, he had Yung Joc, Cassie, and himself. They all did well. Don’t forget that DK is platinum (both albums) and Day26 is very close (they are gold already). Diddy knows what he knows and does what he does and makes the best of his situation given the changing landscape and tastes in music and music artists. It’s apparent that Diddy is a narcissist. At the end of the day somehow, someway it all comes back to being all about him. But regardless of his ego or his hit making abilities, he is the only one who gave these people a REAL chance in the music industry. When was he last time you have seen any member of Da Band, DK, Day26, or Donnie in their own music video on MTV, BET or Fuse??? If not a video, then when was the last time that any of those members had a chart REACHING (much less chart TOPPING) hit on their own, before Diddy??? Diddy said himself on MTB that what he does is give artists a chance, it’s up to them to make what they will of it. If the artist loses that “hunger” and gets complacent because they have had much more success in this situation than any other they’ve had on their own, then of course their career will suffer.

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