Two Nights of T.I.

If you missed T. I. last night on Rip the Runway, you can catch him tonight on a new episode of T.I.’s Road to Redemption. I guess I was one of the last people of the world who realized what a charming guy T.I. is. The truth is, before he caught those charges, he was just some rapper, as far as I was concerned. And I’ve found that the less I know I about a rapper, the more I like him. But when I heard about the charges against T.I. and the subsequent sentencing, I could help but to wonder (like everyone else) WTH? And as I started paying attention, I noticed something refreshing: he actually took responsibility for his actions. He didn’t cry like a bitch (a la Paris Hilton); he didn’t tie up his situation in court until the world forgot about it (a la R. Kelly); he didn’t issue some stupid statement about anger issues and rehab (too many celebs to name). He didn’t claim to be seeking spiritual help. He didn’t blame his situation on an absent father. He said I did it, I’m facing the consequences, and I’m moving forward. That’s really all we can ask, right? Everybody makes mistakes and as adults, we can’t change the past, but we can accept responsibility for our actions.

Although I’m still not his biggest fan, I can respect him. When I saw that he was doing Road to Redemption, I was interested. I realize he’s working the whole about to go to prison thing, but I can tolerate it because it isn’t in a tacky or exploitative way. The truth is, if he can positively change even one life while garnering a little publicity for himself, I don’t mind. I had a chance to catch episode three of Road to Redemption, and I’m sure with MTV being rerun central, I’ll catch the others (or I’ll check them out online). What I can appreciate about the show is T.I.’s bullshit detector, because I, myself have an extremely low tolerance for BS. In episode 3, as Antony sits in jail with T.I. and a prisoner for whom I can’t remember his name, T.I. calls out Anthony for saying what he thinks that people want to hear instead of telling the truth.

Tonight, T.I. tries to reason with Edwin who, according to previews, robs homes with his girlfriend. Only time will tell whether these guys will actually learn something from these visits from T.I., and of course, all the celebrity influence in the world can’t help someone who doesn’t want to change, but the show is worth watching.


~ by 2muchtv on March 3, 2009.

One Response to “Two Nights of T.I.”

  1. You’ve got me thinking about checking out his Road to Redemption series – I thrive off of well-written reviews about experiences I have not had – keep it up! Also, I checked out your MySpace page and dropped you an email asking about your profession. Respond when you get a moment – I’d like to pick your brain! Dave

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