It’s Makeover Day!

Recently, I got a haircut. And I was disappointed. I’ve been growing my hair out for three years, and I feel like it’s not growing fast enough. I feel like my new haircut set me back a few months. So I know what it is like to have a ‘do that you don’t like. With that said, some of these chicks need to stooop trippin.

Fo was the worst of them all, because her haircut is adorable, and regardless of what anyone says, short hair shows off a person’s face. If you have a face that looks good with short hair – rock it. My girl Jessica said, “I’m gonna look good with whatever hair I have”. Even Tianna was the first girl called and Tyra didn’t like the makeover she chose.

By far, I like London’s haircut the best.

The girls seemed to struggle with this week’s challenge to light themselves. I would too, I don’t know where the light is! Then, I have to worry about lighting myself, and figure out how to pose. It’s only the second week, geez! Ok, I’m kidding a little, because from what I understand, light is important when you’re taking pictures (can you tell I’m a words person?). I think this challenge will probably make them better models, if they can figure out where the light is.

I am going to do something I have never done, I am going to call the winner – Celia. She appears to have the talent for it. Some of them are beautiful (I happen two think that this week’s bottom two were the two prettiest), I like Aminat’s personality, although I admittedly am drawn to outgoing people. But Celia seems to be hitting it so far, and the judges seem to like everything she does.


~ by 2muchtv on March 13, 2009.

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