Tough Love

Once I met a guy who, before we even had a first date, gave me advice on how I need to change in order to attract the kind of man that I wanted. Needless to say, the only change that I made was to delete him from my caller ID. The difference between me and these girls is that they asked for the advice, but it isn’t any easier to take. It is a touchy subject to tell a person that they aren’t good enough NOW to attract someone worthy.
So I give props to the women who decided to go on the show and ask for someone to tell them why they can’t get a date. Outside of one or two, the women seem genuinely interested in making themselves more available to love.

The show isn’t necessarily mean, as the title will have you believe, but it is tough to watch because nobody likes being rejected. And the women on the show are there because they feel that they are consistently rejected. The show is relatively genuine, with very few staged dramatic scenes. It isn’t built on a whole bunch of nonsense (so far), because I think that love is a dramatic subject all by itself. But I know I can’t help but to watch and be like, oh, I’d do that. Or taking one of the girls’ side in certain situations.

Tough Love airs on VH1 on Sundays at 10, with reruns all week.


~ by 2muchtv on March 22, 2009.

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