Candy Girls Give Video Vixens a Bad Name

Let’s be honest, the only people who really think that much of the girls in music videos are the guys who like to watch them. My knee-jerk reaction as a self-respecting woman is to be skeptical of a woman who uses her body to make money and then expects to be taken seriously. You can do one, or you can do the other, but very few have done both, especially in the media. But I’d be just as guilty of everyone I hate if I dismiss them as bodies without at least trying to understand who they are. The show Candy Girls on E! has the opportunity to give these women the voices that are taken away from them in the music videos, like the video below:

But instead we get garbage. The show works hard at demonstrating conflict and drama on the show in a way that is clumsy and contrived. Why else would Danielle tell Terricka to not talk about her daughter on set? How do you expect to tell someone that and not expect them to get upset? In the second episode, the show cuts to Danielle and Blanca’s first meeting where they didn’t like each other, without any background as to why they didn’t like each other. As if the editors/producers said, let’s drop in a little drama who cares about the context.

Terricka clearly is supposed to play the bad girl role, but she has a nasty attitude at work, a stank attitude outside of work, and I can’t understand why she gets jobs or has friends. It’s one thing to be smart mouthed or sarcastic, but she spends more time causing drama on the set than she does doing her job. She bullies Olivia. Olivia wants to be an actress, so she is using video modeling as a stepping stone (because we all know how that works out for all of the wannabe actresses who start in music videos). In the first episode, the girls gave her a hard time for the being the only one in the group who hasn’t spent time in jail. Whatever. It is frustrating that Olivia doesn’t stand up for herself. The other two are about as one dimensional and bland as a piece of cardboard, managing to hit the mark on being pretty, superficial and boring.


~ by 2muchtv on March 23, 2009.

One Response to “Candy Girls Give Video Vixens a Bad Name”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned how they explained NOTHING about why the two didn’t like each other. It was so random. They didn’t give any before or after. I didn’t like that.

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