Two of My Absolute Favorites Return to TV

Two of My Absolute Favorites Return to TV
When you’re married to THE most popular man in Hollywood, it is easy for the world to put you in his shadow. Even Jada Pinkett-Smith is talented in her own right, she often gets put into the “famous-man’s-wife” category. So I’m happy to see her back on TV. In June, she’ll star in HawthoRNe, a medical drama on TNT. The show is set in my hometown of Richmond, VA at the fictional Richmond Trinity Hospital. Ms. Pinkett-Smith plays Christina, a single mom who is not only a hero to her teenage daughter, but to the patients that she fights to save every day.
Return to TV? You say… Remember a Different World?

I chose this clip to because Jada Pinkett-Smith had a speaking role, and the video was of decent quality, but I can’t help but to be reminded of the present day situation between two celebrity pop stars…
In April, one of the most underrated actresses also returns to TV, Ms. Regina King. Southland comes to NBC on April 9, and you’ll probably see Benjamin McKenzie (formerly from the OC), in the promos, but Ms. King plays Detective Lydia Adams.

(Did Chelsea rub her leg?)
I’m encouraged that if anyone can turn this cop drama into not just another cop drama, it is her.


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