Can MTV Revive Reality TV?

Over 20 years ago, MTV introduced the original reality TV when they picked 7 strangers to live in a house: Becky, Eric, Kevin…shit, I can’t remember them all. What I do remember is my mom standing across the living room saying, “I just don’t get this show”. Now, after leading the reality TV crusade, The Real World has become one of the most predictable shows on TV. Every new season, I watch the premiere and pick out the gay one, the black one, the one with the temper. I can’t watch because I know there will be hookups, arguments, and drunken nights. The glory of the Real World comes from what it was and what it represents, but not so much what it is now.

But I’m optimistic that their new show “College Life” will redeem the network’s pioneering spirit and remind us that they are they same channel that brought us Kevin, Pedro, Ruthie, Heather B, and even that nasty-ass Puck.

College was my absolute favorite time because it was the first time I had the freedom to really figure out who I really was (I know now that I’m still trying to figure that out). There was no “supposed to-do list” other than not get kicked out. I hope that these students show what is beyond the partying and the drinking and express the things that keep them up at night, what makes them tick. I want to hear fears, anxieties, triumphs other than “I just got laid”. We’ll see.


~ by 2muchtv on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Can MTV Revive Reality TV?”

  1. I watch Real World still. And I like what they did this year by having a transgendered person, and a soldier on there.

    I wasn’t planning on watching College Life, but you know me, I’ll check it out.

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