Cater-Waiter at a Seder

I suppose that tonight’s Gossip Girl was all about lies and deception – but that’s every episode, huh? So I’ll skip the plot summary and ask simply, WHY was Flo Rida “rapping” (yes, I’m using that term loosely) about going down in the background of a sacred religious ceremony?

The real question is, was it worth the wait. I believe the answer is YES. I like Jenny’s spunk, I enjoyed seeing her put Chuck in his place. I could have done without Serena’s wedding, Dan’s cater-waitering, and Grandfather’s manipulations. But I am curious what’s going to happen with the Ken-doll named Gabriel. And was that Georgina I saw in next week’s coming attractions?

Remember Georgina?


~ by 2muchtv on April 20, 2009.

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