You Know What They Say…

…Don’t mix business with personal. Last week on Candy Girls, Danielle’s models gave her an ultimatum, either she fires her assistant and best friend Keysha or the models walk. Actually, I think it is a smart move. Keysha knows there are no repercussions for her fuckups. Besides giving the girls the wrong time for a previous job, on the last episode, Keysha deliberately sent them to the wrong location. That’s juvenile and unprofessional. In the real world she needs to be disciplined.

In tonight’s finale of Candy Girls, Keysha and Brooke go head to head in (what seems to be) a dramatic confrontation. In addition, Danielle brings in a new model which probably threatens the old models and sends them to the edge.


~ by 2muchtv on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “You Know What They Say…”

  1. Terricka is a hot ass mess and needs to get her ass kicked asap. It seems that they hate on Olivia too much and it is ashame. Brooke is really cute and has a sweet personality but I thought that her and Olivia would be much closer b/c they dont seem to be as GHETTO as the other two. The latin chic is so not attractive. The boss lady needs to get rid of the ugly chcics( Terricka and that mexcian) ASAP!!!!! Brooke, Olivia and the assistant are HOT!!!!!

  2. ok i cant beleive what i just i dont know how danielle has made it this far as a business women if your models dont want her as your asst. what makes you think they want to live in a house with her. keysha is such a bitch then she throws brooke clothes on the floor that was a dumb move by danielle

  3. The show was REALLY juicy tonight. I still can’t believe it!

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