Project Runway Knockoff

But we knew that right? After the heated battle between Lifetime and Bravo was it any surprise when The Fashion Show popped up? I, for one, think Isaac Mizrahi is adorable and should be hosting a show. he had a short-lived talk show on the Style network a while back.

And I would love to see Kelly Rowland finally come out from the long shadow of her bandmate (who shall remain unnamed). After her split with her management company and Columbia Records, I hope this show is the first step towards her coming into her own success. The show starts with 15 designers and is a little heavy on the cast of characters — including Merlin, and an underwear designer who calls himself the Pantychrist. The Lovely Ms. Kelly RowlandThe main difference is that the contestants show their completed designs to an audience (hence the title), instead of just the judges. I like that, because there are things that Nina Garcia would like that I wouldn’t. Ultimately, it comes down to whether the clothes will be worth looking at.

The first episode had plenty of NO’s, from poorly made “Hammer pants” (as in MC Hammer) to a tube dress that was too small to even fit on a model. Only time will tell if the talent will rise to the top or if The Fashion Show is a faux pas.


~ by 2muchtv on May 14, 2009.

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