The Game Survives Another Season

In true dramatic style. Melanie and Derwin finally got married. Last week, I remember thinking that the show has become a soap opera with a laugh track. In tonight’s episode, they dropped the laugh track and shot a drama, complete with an arrest, a record producer and a last minute wedding – I mean what series, err I mean season, finale would be complete without a wedding?

It occured to me tonight that I don’t particulary care for Melanie. I think she is self-absorbed, although naysayers will say that she let Derwin go at the end. But it was soo soo good to for Malik to have a little karma come his way as he chased after his baby sister thinking of all the things that he had done to someone else’s sister. And I couldn’t help to smile when Rick Fox came back for his boo.

How ’bout that Kelly, huh? If anyone got to fighting, you’d think Tasha would be throwing the punches, not getting punched out. Everytime I look at Kelly, I can’t help but to remember that she was a Sweet Valley twin (isn’t it interesting that the show has two twins on it?)

When it got shipped off to Friday night, I was skeptical about the future of the show. Even more so since the season finale ended in a wedding. Fans get the kind of closure that fans of Girlfriends longed for. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will be back next season.


~ by 2muchtv on May 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Game Survives Another Season”

  1. I want the show to come back, but the season finale was disappointing to me. Not sure how much time Mara had to develop that script but she had too much going on. IMO she could have left out all that “drama” with malik’s sister. This is the season finale, maybe series finale, and you focus in on a character no one cares about? It may have been intended as a malik storyline, but it came off as a poochie storyline to me. Everything leading up to the wedding was ridiculous and not in a funny way. The dinner (although I am glad they showed bumper. Love how he’s filled out!), the bachelor party, the making wedding favors…it was all stupid. High point of the show was rick coming back to tasha. I would like to see Mara get the oppty to develop the show into a true “dramedy,” not that corny mess that was on last night. Rockmond D is a thug now? Haha. Love Rockmond!

  2. The Game is one of those shows I initially passed over as “just another stereotypical black ‘dramady'” but I found myself giving it a shot and actually liking some of the characters and seeing the slow build up to full on train wreck status. My concern for the show came after the “big reveals” on the train wrecks – how could the writers top the mess they’d gotten their characters into and out of? Could they hop the ‘dramady’ genre and successfully break into the soap opera realm? The main barrier I saw for the writers being able to accomplish this came in the form of their cast lineup – they just didn’t have the support to keep bringing in new characters to keep the story “fresh” to be considered soap opera status. I thought their series might have been canceled after the first season, but was surprised to see them hang on for so long. It’s going to be tough to make the characters grow without having them fall into their “beating a dead horse” scenarios.

  3. i would really like 4 the game 2 come back: because melanie and derwin make a good: what happens after the wedding? what about jason and kelly? and tasha? does malik stay with robin?

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