Ugly Betty Ends the Season

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows. Admittedly, the charm of the show is in the sweetness of it, even though the plot can be somewhat predictable. With that said, I enjoyed the season finale for this season. I expected Molly to die, I expected Wilhelmenia to blackmail Claire Meade, and I could see the affair between Claire and Hartley from a mile away.

I didn’t see Bernadette Peters’ character taking Betty’s job, and I didn’t see Mark getting fired. I knew Henry was coming back because of the commercials, and although I didn’t like how it went down, I think that part of the show was one of the more believable aspects of the show – you never get over your first love.

So the show left several questions for next season: who is the person that shocked Wilhelmenia at the end of the show? Now that Daniel is available and not Betty’s boss, will they get together? Is Mark coming back or will he end up on another show next season.

There are a few more questions: Did you think Rachel Dratch’s performance was as cool as I did? Did you notice that in a previous episode, they didn’t reference Facebook, but in tonight’s episode they used the “real” Facebook? Where do they find those hideous outfits for Betty to wear?


~ by 2muchtv on May 22, 2009.

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