That Chick Just Flipped the Table Over

Some technical difficulties kept me from posting this until now, but all I can say is bring in the drama! Teresa started by having a dinner party that included her passionate sisters-in-law and resident drama queen Danielle. Which might have been an offering of the olive branch, or depending on who you’re asking an opportunity to create drama.

About halfway through the dinner, Danielle pulls out the infamous book and sets it on the table for the world – and everyone else at the table – to pay attention to her. Then she launches into a tirade about how she’s a victim. I’m not going to give you a word-for-word description of the juvenile argument, but I will tell you my favorite part. Caroline took control of the foolishness for a moment to say, “Look at me, it was me.” It doesn’t read the same without the Jersey accent but it was gangsta. Danielle insisted on blaming Dina (I don’t know what that preoccupation is about), while Dina kept denying it. That seemed to be more about semantics than anything else: those against her said she was guilty because she was there, while she kept defending herself because she didn’t leave the house set on “bringing Danielle down.”

Although I don’t think it is fair for either Danielle or the sisters-in-law to make Jacqueline (who just gave birth to a baby boy) pick sides, but even she stood up for Danielle as Dina denied her involvement in the rumor-spreading.

The main event for the night came when newly-surgically-enhanced Teresa went all Incredible Hulk on the family and flipped over the table in one of those you-gotta-see-to-get-the-full-effect moments.

That Danielle is a piece of work. Since I come from the point of view that the goal of the show is to create as much drama as possible (no matter how fun it is), I’m not concerned about the book, because I don’t think it is a big deal. But I don’t get her. I think that parents should be open with their kids, but my pet peeve is useless information. Having your kids know details about all the men that come in an out of your life is a bit much. What’s the point. And the other thing I don’t understand is why she doesn’t get a job. That’s what normal people do when they don’t have any money. She doesn’t have to get a real job, she could start a fashion line like Sheree from Atlanta Housewives. I’m totally cool with creating drama for a TV show, that’s part of what you signed up for, but the way you manage your kids is going to last way after the show is over. I’m not saying it is right or wrong, I’m just saying I don’t understand.

The reunion airs next Tuesday at 9PM


~ by 2muchtv on June 17, 2009.

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