ATL Housewives Return

I had intended on talking about the new housewife, Kandi Burruss in this post. Then I saw the confrontation between Sheree and her party planner. There are no words to explain the unprofessionalism of this guy. I understand clients and I don’t doubt that Sheree is a diva. But in a situation like that, you turn down the job. Now, he didn’t just lose out on money, he just ruined his professional reputation.

This season opened asking alot of questions: Kim, a wig line? What’s Bob’s side of the story in the divorce? Are Sheree and Nene good for real? Six kids? Damn!

OK, the last one wasn’t really a question. There are alot of expectations for this season…


~ by 2muchtv on July 30, 2009.

One Response to “ATL Housewives Return”

  1. Unprofessionalism is NOT even the WORD!! I don’t care who you are, what you do, work is work. Even more importantly because you are on TELEVISION! I don’t care if you are yelling, cussing, throwing cheese chips at me, if the cameras are rolling, I’m staying extra professional.

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