How Old Are You?



I’ve been enjoying She’s Got the Look, on TVLand. It is a modeling show for women over the age of 35 – kind of like America’s Top Model for grown-ups. However, all of the contestants aren’t acting like grown-ups. Shelly could be case on ANTM, the way she calls contestants names and holds grudges.

In the first episode, Shelly shares that she is insecure and doesn’t believe that she is beautiful – which is sympathetic, but at some point one needs to move forward, and she doesn’t do that. She dwells on her fued with LeeAnne, she consistently plays the victim. It is unfortunate that the negativity consumes her because she could gain so much more from the experience if she could let go of the negative energy. She was sent packing last week, and I’m disappointed her nasty attitude allowed her to get as far as she did.

My absolute favorite was Dolores.

Tonight, they will pick a winner. It is down to Cindy, Theresa and LeeAnne. The season finale of She’s Got the Look airs tonight at 9PM.


~ by 2muchtv on July 30, 2009.

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