Making Time for TV

I hate to admit this, but sometimes life gets in the way of TV. Even during season premieres. I’ve been keeping my head above water, catching Gossip Girl and The Biggest Loser. Although I am busting out of my skin wanting to catch House, I need to do so when I’m well rested and away from distractions. Which unfortunately means Friday or Saturday.

I just realized that I missed the premiere of Community so I’ll have to catch it online.

The Good Wife premieres tonight and it is queued up in the DVR. I’m curious, but not super excited. I am Super excited about FlashForward, which begins on Thursday. But enough about what I am going to watch…

Sing along

I love, love, love Glee. I think that the hype from the show is totally worth it. Although I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be laughing at some of the parts that I laugh at!

Accidentally on Purpose

I thought Jenna Elfman was adorable on Dharma and Greg, so I was looking forward to the pilot episode. Although the premise was quite similar to Dharma and Greg where two strangers are thrown together after a short get-to-know-you period, it was pretty cute. The kid – er, baby daddy – is pretty cute and says the right things at the right moments.

Housewives of Atlanta

Everybody is talking about this show around the water cooler. That Sheree is a piece of work isn’t she? I have a high tolerance for arrogance, so when she requested the Maybach to the fashion show for clothes that we don’t even know exist, I just rolled my eyes. But showing up to Lisa’s fashion show 2 hrs late brought me to one conclusion: I just don’t like Sheree. To tell someone that your time is more important than theirs is a colossal insult. As a “creative” type – the designer, I can see where she is already disappointed that her own line isn’t going the way she’d like. Then to see a friend create a line in 2 months, it makes sense to be a little salty. But to blow off the fashion show was just not cool. She claims she had a recital for her son, but who believes that? Have you been to any spontaneous music recitals? She couldn’t just tell Lisa she was going to be late? Whatever. Disrespecting someone’s time is the worst disrespect there is. A person can even replace money (even if they don’t want to), but they can’t get their time back.


~ by 2muchtv on September 24, 2009.

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