Imaginary Amazing Race Contestants

When I watch The Amazing Race, I often wonder what would happen if my sister and I were on the show. She’s the only person I would go with. Of course we’d make it to the end because I have that type of imagination.

We totally aced the license plate challenge because we both get paid to pay attention to detail. I’m a words girl and she’s a pictures girl, so if we couldn’t breeze past that first challenge – we’d have to change our line of work.

At the Japanese game show, we were both relieved that it was a food challenge because both of us have been blessed with cast-iron colons. I took the Road Block because a) she drove like a champ to the airport and b) I like spicy food and c) and I eat fast. I’ve had wasabi, and unlike hot peppers where the burn starts in your mouth and radiates out, wasabi feels like somebody lit a match to your face.

I can’t believe Maria didn’t finish the first Wasabi bomb. She was so close and it was like she was moving in slow motion, not realizing she’d have to do it again if she didn’t hurry.

Navigating the Japanese town square was ALL DAWN because I can’t find my way out of a paper bag with a map and a GPS. I would have focused on crowd control. My first job was a fourth grade summer school tutor would totally come in hand for this one.

On the second leg, I kept trying to nap on the plane, but Dawn kept trying to wake me up to strategize. Although I was reluctant, I’m glad she did because we were the last team to make it on the bus. I thought she was going to bug out, because she doesn’t like tight spaces with large crowds, I mean who does? But she was cool. I suppose she had a million dollar incentive.

When we finally got to the challenge, I was like “mud, really”. She was like “we can do it. Let’s just get it done.” And she dug her heels in. God knows, we didn’t hustle through that challenge, but there were a few teams left when Dawn and I got out of there. Dawn said she saw the poker bitches coming in as we were going out.

DSC01851[1]Although I’m the one with the bird, Dawn took the duck roadbock because trying to manage her crazy dog is alot like herding 150 ducks. She killed it! Dawn herded those ducks in six minutes. I got caught up watching one of the other teams and I went to cheer her on, she was like, “I’m done”.

Neither of us are really “runners” so I’m glad we finished in enough time that we didn’t have to kill ourselves to get to the check in. We came in sixth.


~ by 2muchtv on October 2, 2009.

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