Imaginary Amazing Race Contestants – Leg 2

My Dad was a fisherman by hobby, so the pit stop on the boat was a breeze for me and Dawn. I think she has the quicker reflexes, but she wasn’t too cute to dive right in that water and grab that dragon by the throat. The only reason we didn’t take first place, it is because we can’t keep up with those two basketball players.

We chose Child’s Play because it was just too risky to depend on locals to help us spell the word. I don’t know about breaking down VCR’s, but I guess it is my turn to do the roadblock. I know I’ve put together plenty of Ikea furniture, so I could do it, I just wouldn’t Excel at it. That’s what put us in third place. Well that and me and Dawn weren’t about to run a foot race with basketball playing. We aren’t really the “running” types.


~ by 2muchtv on October 4, 2009.

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