Real Men Make Decisions

James Earl Jones guest starred on this past Tuesday’s episode of House. The episode was so good that I’m blogging about it now. Last season, the show had fallen into a groove of patient comes in with strange illness, for 50 minutes the doctors try to guess what’s wrong and House has an epiphany in the last few minutes of the episode. The entertainment was in the characterization more than the plot. But this past episode, had us – well, me — hanging on the edge of my sofa wanting to know how the plot was going to unfold. Not only does the patient die, but he was KILLED.

I think that this season has made a tremendous shift to keep viewers guessing, first with a “nicer” House, and with Taub and Thirteen gone (for now). Foreman’s been in charge before, so I don’t know what a big change that is. It looked like Chase and Cameron were being phased out, only to be put in the middle.

What struck me most about the episode is that in the past, Chase has had a vague moral compass. Or should I say his moral compass centers squarely around himself. So to do something on behalf of someone else was a pleasant surprise. Why is it believable, because he’s been gone for three years, he’s had a chance to change.

If you can’t tell I am so excited about this new season! I’d like to know what House is like sober, and now with this new twist, I want to see what happens next.


~ by 2muchtv on October 12, 2009.

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