Imaginary Amazing Race Contestants – Leg 3

The playing field evened out at the airport. I have to say sleeping in an airport where the staff wears face masks does not make for a good night’s sleep. Dawn slept all right though, I slept on the plane. By the time we landed in Cambodia, we were as rested as 2 people could be who are on a race around the world. Dawn’s got that eye, so she zeroed in on Jackie O’s face and I called out the name. We zoomed in front of the 2 teams ahead of us.

On the next challenge, Dawn looked at me dubiously when she saw we would have to weave our way through a crowded market, so we took a shot on the “cover” challenge. I have previous experience at Victoria’s Secret, and she used to work at Bob Evans, so we know how to turn our powers of persuasion. Since only one other team did that challenge, we were clueless about where we were in the race.

We weren’t sure if Dawn’s love of dance, or my yoga training would help with the monkey challenge, but those face masks made it a little easier to act a fool. In the end, I took the mokey challenge. We saw Zev and Justin running toward the pitstop, but we were too far away to catch up. Losing documents is a team’s worst nightmare, so we jumped in to help the moment we realized they needed it.


~ by 2muchtv on October 15, 2009.

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