Glee Throwdown

In Wednesday’s episode of Glee, Sue divides the group up based on their minority status. They expressed an interest in doing something “more black”, and Sue took that opportunity to divide and conquer. The episode, in its hilarity and entertainment made a few interesting points:

  • Often racism isn’t about race at all, it is about people with power trying to further their own agenda.
  • What could have been solved with a simple, honest conversation, i.e.:
    “Curly haired teacher, we’d like to feel more included”
    “What songs did you have in mind?”
    “Example, example, example.”
    “Let me see what we can do”
    And then he actually does what he says
    Instead, Sue makes a minor situation ridiculous by playing up the differences.

  • We are pretty much all minorities in some way or another.
  • Mr. Shue makes the point towards the end of the show in a roundabout way, because they are all in the Glee club.
    Prior to his speech, that is how Sue woos all the kids away, by making them all feel like they are part of a minority.

    **As a side note: if the Glee club performs a Nelly song, what does that imply about his “rapping”?


    ~ by 2muchtv on October 16, 2009.

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